Denver Neighborhood Guide!


New to Denver? Here is a Welcome to the Neighborhood Guide!

Denver, Colorado, USA downtown cityscape rooftop view at dusk.


Ask ten Denverites why they love this city and they’ll each have a different answer. It is hard to find a city with a more diverse history, culture, and love of American craftsmanship. Denver prides itself on its beautiful views, luxurious amenities, progressive innovations, historic preservation as well as its rich art and music culture. While Denver is home to the Coors Brewing Company, we pride ourselves on our microbrewery culture. If you’re new to Denver, welcome! There are so many things to show you.

Five Points


 – Illustration by Douglas B. Jones

Have you visited the heart of Five Points yet? Five Points is one of the most diverse and culturally blended neighborhoods. Once known as the “Harlem of the West” because of frequent stops by jazz legends such as Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, and Louis Armstrong, Denver’s oldest neighborhood offers a wealth of museums, rich history, innovative coffeehouses, craft breweries, and the Black American West Museum. From soul food to award-winning barbecue, Denver’s Five Points offers a creative and vibrant peek into the heart of our incredible city.

LODO (Lower Downtown) / Downtown Denver

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LUX Denver Real Estate LODO

Denver’s Historic Lower Downtown, or LoDo, is the heart of stylish coffee houses, brewpubs, restaurants, and beautiful galleries, all housed in well-preserved Victorian homes. Make sure you take the time to enjoy this neighborhood as there are many hidden gems nestled off the beaten path. Lastly, take a moment to check out Union Station . This is a favorite work, drink and hang spot for many Denver locals. Union Station is also the start and end point for the A-line train to Denver International Airport. 

Downtown Denver is home to delicious farm-to-table restaurants and craft breweries. The Denver Beer Trail is a fantastic guide for sampling local brews while the innovative B-cycle bike-sharing program allows you to enjoy this great city in its entire glorious splendor.

Cherry Creek 

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Cherry Creek LUX Denver Real Estate


If shopping is your need, look to Cherry Creek. It is Denver’s premier shopping destination with over 320 independent shops, restaurants, and galleries, as well as 160 name-brand stores at Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

From luxury hotels and international fashion brands to an impressive collection of art galleries and independently owned boutiques, Cherry Creek is one Denver stop you won’t want to miss.

RINO (River North)

An exterior of a modern home in University LUX. Denver Colorado luxury real estate company

RiNo (River North) is where art is made. With an edgy combination of urban charm
and industrial revival, RiNo is a fantastic destination. Historic factories and warehouses have been renovated into restaurants, brewpubs, art galleries, working studios, and jazz bars. Art extends into the streets and touches every aspect of this colorful neighborhood. Wine enthusiasts should make a stop by the Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery for a delicious introduction to Denver’s vino culture.

The Highlands


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LUX Denver

The Highlands is a neighborhood destination for visitors and residents.
It encompasses three wonderful districts: Highlands Square, Tennyson Street, and the Lower Highlands (LoHi). Luxurious boutiques, bookstores, wine shops, and more make up Highlands Square. Dining in Denver’s Highlands are a must thanks to panoramic views, rooftop seating, and innovative cuisine. The Tennyson Street Cultural District is home to art galleries full of creations made by Denver artisans and craftsmen. The Tennyson Art Walk is an event you won’t want to miss. The First Friday of the month, enjoy an evening that combines live music, visual arts, culinary creations you’ve never imagined, and a mix of wonderful shops, boutiques, and bars. LoHi is a fascinating blend of ultra-modern and traditional architecture. For great performance art, wonderful galleries, fine dining, and great parking, stop by the Navajo Street Art District. LoHi’s unique flavor expands into the food and bar scene. Take the time to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Highland Bridge and downtown Denver while you’re there.

Other Hot Spots

Of course, no welcome would be complete without a visit to Sports Authority Field at Mile High (We call it Mile High Stadium!), The Denver Art Museum, or standing at exactly 5,280 feet above sea level (one mile high!) on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol. If you are a biking enthusiast, Confluence Park and City Park are the perfect places to explore our great city. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Denver is a world unto itself with an ever-changing pulse. One that now includes you. Welcome to the neighborhood!