We look at who you are, what type of home fits your needs, and what environment you want to return home to every day- and our testimonials will explain the rest. Below are a few of the services covered when working with our buyers:

  • Access to the unmatched LUX Denver Experience System.
  • Knowledgeable agents, you can trust- We help guide you through the home buying process with all the information, confidence and fun you want.
  • Education- Why it’s important to know about contracts, purchase strategies, our fiduciary responsibility to you, property disclosures, health and safety disclosures and trusted resources.
  • Mortgage Support- Connecting you with top lenders to provide top-notch financial support.
  • Client Relations- let’s face it, we’re great at what we do. We help cut down on your time and energy spent by streamlining the process to exactly what you need, whether finding the right neighborhood, the right lender, the right house or the right price.
  • Visit homes and provide market a complete analysis, including lenders and appraisers for specific analysis when you’ve found the one.