There’s something special about Denver. The largest and fastest growing city in the state of Colorado, Denver is truly set apart from anyplace in the world!

Aside from the breathtaking views and incomparable skylines, Denver offers 300 days of sunshine a year – more sunny days annually than San Diego or Miami Beach! It’s no secret that Denver is also known to be one of the happiest and most active cities in the country. With over two hundred city parks, and over one hundred miles in trails, it’s no wonder people get outside more than your average city dweller!

Denver has an extensive amount of transportation options, and the city is easy to navigate. Whether you’re walking, riding the light rail, bus, or taking advantage of the bike and car share options, there are many ways to explore this wonderful city. Denver boasts an eclectic variety of neighborhoods; each with its own unique style of housing, restaurants, history and community. No matter where you go in Denver, you will find each area rich with culture and diversity.

Community support is top-notch in Denver. This is a city where artists and performers thrive. To show its dedication and unique commitment to local arts and science, metro Denver has developed The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, a special tax district that directly supports art, culture, and science organizations to enrich the community. The Denver Performing Arts Complex is said to be the second-largest performing arts center in the world, after New York’s Lincoln Center.

If its nightlife that you’re looking for, Denver has a great selection of clubs, bars, and music venues, and Denver also prides itself on a huge collection of microbreweries. Every year, Denver hosts The Great American Beer Festival, in which craft breweries from all over the country come to show off their stuff to enthusiastic crowds here in the “beer capital of America”.

Denver is a showcase of many exciting opportunities, offering an abundance of options and promising a world of great experiences. No matter who you are, you’ll find countless reasons to enjoy time well spent in Denver!