4 Tips to Selling a Home After 5PM


As winter approaches, daylight is becoming less and less. We’re talking, 4:45 pm and it’s almost entirely dark. If you happen to be selling a house during this time, this time change makes for some challenges after buyers get off work.

You may have heard something like, “Just don’t do nighttime showings, the house won’t look as good.” Well, the reality is everyone is busy, you want to sell, your buyer wants to buy, and nobody wants the sunrise or sunset to get in the way. So what can we do about this challenge?

Here are some tips to make your listing stand out without a lot of hassle:

Tip #1: Make it bright

Ensure every room and doorway is well lit; the front door, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas people will spend a lot of time in the house. You can also use spotlights or supplemental lighting to bring people’s attention to the openness, uniqueness or beauty of particular areas.  

Tip #2: Be prepared for buyers at any time

You can do this by leaving the lights on and keep the yard in tip-top shape. Take your trash in and out regularly, don’t neglect messes in the front yard, and do your gardening more often than you might otherwise. Many savvy buyers find it helpful to stop by the house multiple times, and not necessarily even go inside each time. Be prepared for the drivebys from potential buyers before and after going under contract. This will confirm the buyer’s choice, and even peak the interest of other buyers if you happen to fall out of contract.

Tip #3: Bring the outside in

Plants make a huge difference in warming up rooms and making them cozier, inviting and soft. Especially at night with more harsh lighting and shadows, plants (real or fake) can go a long way in warming up any space. Think floor-standing plants mixed with countertop and corner plants.

Tip #4: Scent goes a long way

People form memories in large part with the olfactory system using the nose. The smell of a home can subconsciously attract or turn off a potential buyer who’s not used to the unique scent of each house. Make sure that you are making it smell inviting, but not overwhelming. Choose a pleasing neutral scent that welcomes people in and helps form positive vibes and memories.

These tips not only make your listing competitive, create positive experiences for buyers and make you and your agent look great, most importantly, they can also increase your negotiating power during a transaction. Buyers are more likely to pay more for a home they fall in love with, so make sure to put a little extra love into your listing. These small but impactful tips can help you maximize your listing anytime of the day.

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