What to Know When Making Your Home “Smart”



Denver may be known as an outdoor wonderland guided by mountains and fresh air, however, in recent years the Denver area has also become a hub for smart home technology. In fact, Fox 31 Denver recently reported new market research that shows 60% of new homeowners looking for the latest in high-tech features.

While new homes are coming already fitted with smart-tech packages current homeowners are looking to upgrade and transform their homes into the latest smart home. Whether you spend your days hiking or hitting the slopes, we all want to come home to a bit of luxury, and this is how you can do it.

What is smart technology for the home?

Home technology uses the internet to become more connected with our home, smart devices, and appliances. Consider having the ability to control your home’s environment, security system, and washer and dryer simply by using your smartphone or a tablet. This is where smart technology thrives. As technology becomes smarter, so does every aspect of our home, and upgrading may be easier than you think.

Benefits of having a smart home

As we grow into our home technology the benefits grow with us. However, the background behind smart technology really began by focusing on two things: energy efficiency and managing your home from one location.

Energy efficiency

The control you have over your home’s interior and exterior lighting, multi-sector environments, and even how much water is distributed during showers and your washing machine can all have an impact on how you utilize energy.

Managing your home from one location

Running your household from a single device provides you both in-the-moment time savings, but also efficiency as you are able to quickly review past data to see your overall energy savings, how you utilize your home, and areas you can improve, all with a tap of the screen.

What to know when making your home smart

Best tech for the living room

When it comes to your living room, some of the best tech out there tackles two things; your interior smart thermostat (which utilizes WiFi to make adjustments from your device), and more importantly, it learns your behavior and will eventually adapt to your environmental preferences. In addition to the thermostat, there are smart windows which utilize the sun to allow the light from the sun to enter the room when it is cool outside and blocks the rays when it is warm.

Best tech for the bedroom

When many people think of smart technology, one of the most often neglected aspects of technology is your bed. From an organic mattress to actual smart technology, your bedroom tech can monitor your sleeping patterns, heart rate and breathing, and adjust the firmness and positioning to give you the best night sleep.

Best tech for the kitchen

In a city that loves food like Denver does, adding smart technology to your kitchen is a no-brainer. Smart kitchen tech is all in the appliances such as voice-activated ovens and microwaves, and refrigerators that track food and assist in grocery shopping. You can also add a little ambiance with mood lighting and hidden speakers that feel as if an acoustics engineer designed your sound system.

Adding smart technology to your home is all about improving your lifestyle and creating an environment conducive to your needs. So, the next time you wonder what happened to the ‘80s house of the future, all you need to do is go online and check. You’ll likely find what you’re looking for.

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