LUX Denver Real Estate Company is excited to greet 2023 by revealing its new logo as part of a company-wide rebranding effort. 

The introduction of the new logo is a reflection of the values that drive LUX Denver and its commitment to withholding from the expected, turning what could be a simple box into a refined statement of sophistication and fresh ideologies. 

The central, continuous line creating “LUX” conveys the forward momentum and growth the company strives for, a theme that is reinforced by the choice to drop the period that once followed the name. The ideal – for the company, its clients, and this new logo – is to create connections. Whether at home, work, or in the community, connecting with the people and places that support the essence of Inspired Living is the ultimate purpose of the brokerage. 

Yet the logo is not entirely new. The bold lettering evolves from the previous logo (below) while maintaining its confidence and commitment to bold ideas. The exterior square evokes the shape of Colorado itself, signaling a dedication to make a difference in the brokerage’s home state. It is also a signifier of the company’s growth – their services have expanded beyond Denver to reach across the Front Range.

Overall, this rebranding is more than a change of logo. It represents LUX Denver’s commitment to the ideals that have won them the respect and patronage of their clients while declaring their intention to grow and impact the real estate industry in new and disruptive ways that create positive change for homeowners everywhere. In an industry consumed by hitting quotas and viewing clientele as collateral, LUX Denver chooses to be a brand for people who care about their life’s purpose and seek to find Inspired Living in all they do.

“The real estate industry is transforming so quickly, and LUX Denver is changing with it,” says Emily Duke, LUX Denver co-founder. “Our mission to create Inspired Living for every client means a holistic and comprehensive approach to the process, so we wanted our logo to evoke that: confidence, growth, and sophistication.”  

“For myself and Emily, LUX Denver is about making our mark and leaving the world a better place,” says Aaron Cummins, co-founder. “That starts at home, and this new logo embodies that.”

The new logo coincides with the launch of the Inspired Living Project, which challenges participants with monthly goals that provide a fresh spark of joy in our daily lives and promote a sense of community, passion, respect and inspiration.