A Must Have For Every Homeowner


“Homebot is the modern day platform for homeowners looking for a detailed synopsis of their property.”


Many homeowners struggle to keep up with the latest market trends, refinance options and even possible profit opportunities on converting a property into a short-term rental.

That’s what HomeBot does for the property you own. It keeps you in the know about everything that may be important for you to track during the lifespan of ownership. Take a look at the top 6 advantages of signing up with Homebot. And oh, did we mention we provide it to you for free?

6 benefits of Homebot below: 

1. Receive an up-to-date monthly financial snapshot of your home value.

2. Monitor when the best time is to refinance and how much you’ll save.

3. Calculate the wealth you can build by paying more towards principal every month.

4. Understand how much you can afford in a trade-up or investment property.

5. Track how much your home could be making you on AirBnB.

6. Estimated amount you could take out

We believe in empowering our clients with tools to ensure they stay in the know with the latest and greatest.

Homebot is a MUST HAVE for any and every homeowner,
plus it’s FREE!

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