5 Ways to Pick Your Next Neighborhood


We know how difficult it can be to find the neighborhood that best fits your needs, especially as Denver continues to gentrify! We’ve put together 5 tips that we use to help our clients narrow down all the wonderful options Denver has to offer.

1. Spend a weekend in your neighborhood of interest

  • Talk to neighbors out and about, listen for any unusual noises, activity or trends.
  • Take a picnic lunch to the park or find a local eatery nearby and assess the local activity and visitors.
  • Look up the local crime and statistic websites to assess safety in the area. You can also call a local police department or community center for additional information.

2. Know the city limits

  • Often, buying somewhere closer to the edge of the city reduces taxes and prices of homes in the area you want to be. Don’t be afraid to expand your search just a little bit to include areas that may be more budget friendly

3. Visit the local dog park (if you’re a dog person like us!)

  • Dog owners tend to be out and about a lot, and know a lot about the local area, places to take your pets, and what the general vibe of the area is. Spend some time making new 4-legged friends for you and your pal, after all, we do live in Colorado.

4. Evaluate the community infrastructure

  • Visit your local community planning division or website to get information about future build plans, new developments, and funding.
  • Evaluate the streets around the neighborhood? Are they well maintained? How many lanes are there? Are there signals or stop signs at each end? Is it near a major road or highway? All of these factors help inform you about what the community is now, and what it may become later. Streets closer to major highways or busy streets are more likely to experience buyer pushback and new city planning.

5. Know what’s around your house

  • Where is the nearest hospital or emergency room? Is the house near a flight path or airport? Are there local shops, restaurants, and grocery stores within walking distance or a short drive? How do the schools rank? Are there any superfund sites or toxic waste areas around the house? These are all important things to know when choosing where you will spend so much of your time!

At LUX. Denver, we pride ourselves on developing personal relationships with our clientele to make the transaction a peaceful and exciting experience from start to finish.

Have questions about purchasing a new home or relocating into a new neighborhood? Send us a message, we would love to help! 

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The LUX. Denver Team wishes you a very happy autumn!

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