4 Common Mistakes Seasoned Homebuyers and Sellers Make


Whether you’re buying your first home or your fourth, there are essential aspects to take into consideration for each purchase. We have compiled the top four mistakes we have seen homebuyers and sellers make time and time again.

1) Moving from out of state

The real estate market is different in every state. With so many people moving to Colorado each year, it’s a whole new game for each person who arrives. It may seem logical that if you just sold your house in Texas or California or wherever you used to call home, that you’d be familiar with the real estate process in Colorado, too. Think again. Each state has their unique real estate terms, contracts, systems, and legalities, which makes it even more important to find a real estate professional you can rely on to get you exactly what you’re looking for in your buying or selling process.

2) Not considering the future of the neighborhood

Buying or selling a house is not just about right now, it’s about where you are now and equally importantly, where you are trying to go in the future. Whether you’re buying or selling, consider that your neighborhood is an important part of that consideration. The real estate market in Colorado has been so hot the past few years, buyers and sellers alike who have paid attention to their neighborhood trends have often come out farther ahead than those who haven’t considered the future of their neighborhood.

3) Forgetting that the market is ALWAYS in flux

People tend to relate to things like they never change. Mainly when we’re making important choices, we want to think that how it was last time is how it’s going to be this time. That is not the case for Colorado real estate. Add to that an ever-changing financing market, your family dynamics and needs along with city growth and you can almost guarantee things will be different, every single time.

4) Choosing the wrong real estate professional

Every once in a while, we end up talking with a buyer or seller who accidentally connects with a real estate agent who is not suited to serve them best. We believe it is imperative to pay attention to who you hire to represent you, and that your agent understands who you are, what matters to you and they are aligned with how you go about making your choices. When considering the agent, a few things to look for is their past success, their communication style, their availability and commitment to ethics.

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