4 Common Home Selling Mistakes


When it comes to selling your home, it pays to do it right. More often than not, we come across listings that threaten the potential return on a sellers property. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you can maximize your profit on your home sale.

1) Neglecting the importance of great photos

In today’s market, over roughly 95% of buyers will first see a property online. This means a property has a mere few seconds to make the right first impression. Don’t be fooled thinking every agent knows this, there are still far too many listings with atrocious photos. Think: upside down, dark/hard to see, make the rooms look smaller than they are or just no photos at all.

2) Not staging the property – even if it’s with furniture already in the home

Statistics have shown that staging a property creates an incredible return on investment. Whether it’s with a professional stager or your own furniture rearranged, be sure to maximize your potential market value with staging.

3) Pricing the property outside the “rule of 25’s”

Most buyers are finding their property online first, which means there are parameters by which they are searching for that perfect new house. One of the main parameters is pricing. Typically buyers are not picking a random number, say $567,000 as their max, they are picking a fairly traditional number, like $575,000 or $600,000. Because of this, some sellers aren’t getting the exposure they need to because their potential buyers just aren’t finding the property based on their search criteria. It is important to ensure the price you pick is going to maximize your exposure based on buyers search criteria and the true market value of your property.

4)  Not finding a great real estate professional

We continue to be amazed by real estate professionals who don’t return calls, are unresponsive, miss deadlines and generally, lack the care and concern that their clients are getting the best experience. Take a look online, what does the internet say about that agent or company? Ask for references to talk with past clients. Trust your gut- do you really like and trust this person, or does something not seem right? 

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