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About Ramsey Davis

Ramsey’s career is rooted in project management and technical sales in the commercial construction industry. Real Estate, however, is a passion of his that has been passed down through generations. His grandfather made his career in real estate as an immigrant to this country in 1959 and inspired Ramsey to immerse himself in the industry. Buying or selling a home requires the type of attention to detail that has become second nature to Ramsey, a quality he’ll ensure is prevalent in all his professional relationships.

As the oldest of five kids growing up, Ramsey mastered the arts of negotiation and compromise at a young age – a useful skillset in real estate. His childhood was split into nearly equal thirds amongst Washington DC, Boston, and Indiana, creating great friendships and experiences across the country along the way! In 2011, Ramsey moved to Colorado and the rest of his family eventually followed him out West. He met his wife, Aja, in downtown Denver in 2015. They’ve since settled down with their two children in Ken Caryl Valley to enjoy all the beauty and outdoor activity Colorado has to offer. Sports, music, hiking and skiing are his pastimes. Ramsey is often described as personable, patient, caring, and determined.

Q&A with Ramsey

1. What do you love about your job?

The ability to have a direct impact on others’ lives. The level of fulfillment this career provides is unparalleled. Helping to guide people through one of the most important life decisions and investments they can make in their lives is an experience that fosters lasting relationships and great purpose. It’s my version of Inspired Living.

2. What sets you apart from the competition?

Empathy. All too often this quality is mistaken for weakness in business. I see it as my greatest strength. My business IS your happiness, success and well-being, so you know I’ve got your back and support any decision you want to make.

3. What are you uniquely great at inside of your job?

Turning negatives into positives. I’m a glass-half-full kind of person, and will always do my best to help you see the good or opportunity in any given situation.

4. What are you passionate about?  

A number of things! First and foremost is my family – they’re everything to me. I’m also passionate about traveling and experiencing other cultures. I think it’s one of the most effective paths to self-betterment and I find the elements of adventure and discovery that go along with this are extremely fulfilling.

5. What organizations are you passionate about being involved with?

My wife and I happily contribute to St. Jude’s Research and Wish for Wheels (which LUX. Denver also supports). Always on the look out for more organizations and worthy causes to support!

6. Why did you choose LUX. Denver?

Everyone working for LUX. is here for the right reasons. Inspired Living isn’t just a marketing tagline for us, it’s a common ideal – a shared value. I chose LUX. Denver to learn from the best and make a meaningful impact in others’ lives. LUX. Denver enables me to do everything I love about this job.

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