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Nicole has had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Real Estate for half a decade. She was introduced to Real Estate as an Administrative Assistant, teaching her everything about the inner workings of the transaction process. As years passed, she wanted to share that connection and help others experience what it’d be like to accomplish their property goals.  Prior to her years in Real Estate, Nicole worked in the food and beverage industry for over a decade. She managed client relationships, a team of employees, and accounting in fiduciary duties. This fueled her desire to continue working closely with people helping them in any way possible. 

As a Colorado native, Nicole spent 20+ years enjoying hiking, camping, and exploring our beautiful mountain forestry. She also enjoys the art of crocheting and gardening in her free time. Nicole is passionate about protecting our natural environment and lending a helping hand. She supports and volunteers monthly with local organizations that aid in children’s health, environmental wellness, and the performing arts. When she’s not out and about, Nicole works diligently to ensure everyone’s needs are being met and everyone is heard, enjoying life behind the scenes with her family. A mother of two, she is passionate about providing a healthy lifestyle full of opportunities to learn and connect. 

Q&A with Nicole

1. What do you love about your job?

Being in Real Estate has offered so many opportunities and has brought together so many communities. I love the ability to connect and work alongside others, helping them achieve their most wanted property goals. Creating sustainable relationships with fellow brokers, clients, and everyone involved with a transaction offers a wonderful world of opportunity, growth, and community that I can easily incorporate into my day- day.

2. Do you work full-time as a real estate agent?

Yes. Working as a full-time agent is a natural decision. Oftentimes, we view work as something that should be kept in a box and picked up when it’s time to clock in. However, I’ve found my work mentality to be on the more flexible side, and I personally enjoy my position as a realtor, so I find myself actively pursuing success. 

3. What sets you apart from the competition? 

I am very positive and action-oriented. When helping others I am mindful and act accordingly. When buying or selling property with my clients, I listen very carefully and act with loyalty to ensure I’ve done all I can. My background of years in administrative assisting for real estate has given me an understanding of how to build and maintain a successful experience for every single person involved before, during, and after each real estate transaction. 

4. Why did you choose LUX Denver?

I chose LUX Denver because the work and intention behind the scenes really proved to be outstanding,  and from the heart, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

5. What is your communication style like?

I’m very outgoing and action-oriented. I like to ask questions and take on a hands-on role when working. I naturally motivate others, and I can create solutions to challenging problems.

6. What organizations are you passionate about being involved with? 

  • The Denver Rescue Mission 
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation
  • Denver Center Performing Arts
  • Dumb Friends League

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  1. Camile A.

    “Nicole was very helpful, we love working with her. Everytime we would meet she had such a positive attitude and was very insightful.”