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About Becky Lytle

Becky was fascinated with the real estate industry from a young age. Instead of watching cartoons as a child, she would watch HGTV. After moving to Denver, she had a career as a property manager. She learned much about Denver’s housing market during that time.  She found fulfillment in assisting new residents explore the apartments, amenities and neighborhoods and realized that she wanted to go beyond leasing; she wanted to help families find their perfect home.

Outside of work, Becky is a certified cycling instructor. She is passionate about spending time at the gym weightlifting. During the warmer Colorado months, Becky enjoys hiking and backpacking in the mountains and working in her home garden. She has a dog, Leia and a cat, Lily.

Q&A with Becky

1. What do you love about your job?

I love that I get to learn so much about the community that I live in, and the people that make up the community. Real estate is always changing, so I love that I get the chance to constantly evolve. Buying a home is not just a business transaction, it’s emotional. Clients need an agent who not only cares about the transaction but someone who cares about them personally.

2. What sets you apart from the competition?

I make it my mission to understand my client’s needs and to understand the market. I am originally from Southwest Florida. During the 2008 housing crisis, the area I lived in, Lee County, led the nation with a foreclosure rate of 12%. I knew many families personally that lost their homes to foreclosure. This affected me greatly. Real estate is ever-changing. Every buyer and seller needs an agent who is vigilantly watching the market to help them make the best decision, not just for today, but for their future.

3. What do you hear are the most common reasons people love working with you?

I still have friendships with co-workers and clients that I haven’t seen in person in a decade. I make it a priority to keep in touch with people that I’ve formed a relationship with and let them know how important they are to me. I am a good listener, and am able to understand different communication styles and understand people’s needs.

4. What’s your favorite neighborhood in Denver?

Mine! I live in the Ruby Hill neighborhood of Denver. Ruby Hill is a unique neighborhood built on a 5,390-foot elevation. Ruby Hill is home to a winter park that locals use for sledding and snowboarding. (When there is no snow on the ground, there is a snow cannon shooting out snow to keep the party going!) There is a 7.5-acre slopestyle mountain bike course. My favorite attraction is Levitt Pavilion – an outdoor venue that provides concerts to the public on a donation basis all summer long. I walk to Ruby Hill Park many evenings, watch the sunset against the Denver city skyline, and then stroll to Levitt Pavilion to hear live music.

5. What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about staying true to my values,  always bringing integrity and intention to every interaction. I am passionate about my loved ones. I do not have an immediate family, so I have been able to choose the people in my life that are now family. I am passionate about working on my physical and mental health by staying active in the gym and in nature. 

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